Predstojeća sesija Bioarchaeology of Fertility: a new approach in the understanding of population growth during prehistory, na XX godišnjem skupu Evropske Asocijacije Arheologa (EAA) u Istanbulu, Turska.

Organizator sesije: dr Sofija Stefanović

Apstrakt sesije: During the transition to the Neolithic, prehistoric populations experienced major changes in their way of life along with the first significant increase in birth rate. So far, a very few studies have investigated fertility through holistic approach, looking for the causes of this demographic transition from a bioarchaeological perspective. The aim of the session Bioarchaeology of fertility is to discuss new approaches in understanding prehistoric fertility through the integration of archeological, anthropological, clinical and paleodemographic methods. Questions of this session will include: can birthing process, evidence of pregnancy and neonatal care be detected from archaeological record and how; what are the effects of prehistoric climatic conditions on birth rates; how did prehistoric behavioural characteristics (mobility, subsistence strategies) impact human fertility; what is influence of aquatic resources to human fertility? Papers are invited to these topics, from theoretical to case studies papers. Also, this session will aim at defining a new understanding of complexity of human birth and possible framework for further studies in prehistoric fertility.

Datum održavanja: 10-14 septembar, 2014.

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