PhD candidate


Research Assistant

Educational Background

  • 2015 MA in Archeological Material Science, Erasmus Mundus Program (ARCHMAT), collaboration between University of Evora, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Sapienza University of Rome
  • 2012 Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Molecular Biology and Physiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Specialization in Applied Genetics

Research Interests

I finished my studies in molecular biology and since I always was passionate about archaeology and anthropology, I wanted to join these disciplines and specialize in the field of paleogenetics. In my opinion, it is of the outermost importance to observe genetic evidence in the context, together with archaeological and paleontological evidence, as the collaboration between various educational backgrounds is a key in obtaining more comprehensive explanation about human history.At the moment I use ancient DNA to do kinship analyses of Early Bronze Age necropolis, which further provide an insight into social organization and structure of populations. I would also like to be engaged more in the field of paleopathology, as understanding co-evolution between a pathogen and a host, as well as adaptation processes are key factors to obtain more information about diseases. 

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