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Institute for Balkan Studies,
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,
Knez Mihailova 35/IV, 11000 Belgrade
+381 11 2639 830
+381 11 2638 756

BA, DPhil


Research Associate, Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Educational Background

  • 2013 DPhil Archaeology, School of Archaeology, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 2007 MPhil Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, Nottingham University, United Kingdom
  • 2004 BA/MA Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, Belgrade University, Serbia

Research Interests

Dr Filipović is an archaeobotanist; she investigates the use of plants in the past, ways of exploiting plant resources, methods of storage, preparation and consumption of plant products and their role in the diet and economy of past human societies. She is particularly interested in the analysis of scale and intensity of crop cultivation at the time of the emergence and spread of agriculture, the economic and socio-cultural aspects of food production, and identification of human impact on the natural environment based on archaeobotanical data.

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