The researchers of our lab have participated in the XXXVII Congress and Annual Conference of the Serbian Archaelogical Society (SAD), held in Kragujevac (October 9-11, 2014).

Within the Section for Bioarchaeology, Sonja Vuković and Nemanja Marković (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade) have presented a poster titled A horse burial from the Late Antique necropolis of Davidovac-Gradište.

Within this section, a session titled Methodological, comparative and reconstructive studies of life in the past was held, where Jelena Bulatović and Dr Selena Vitezović (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade) presented a paper The possibilities for interpreting old archaeozoological and bone tool assemblages

Within the Section for Medieval Archaeology, Ivana Živaljević, Nemanja Marković (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade) and Milomir Maksimović (Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade) have presented a paper titled Fish on the menu of the Medieval monastery Studenica: archeozoological and written evidence. By integrating the results of archaeozoological analysis of fish remains and interpretation of written sources on fish and fishing in the Middle Ages, the authors have discussed the species on the monastery menu, the manners and routes of long-distance fish trade, and the significance of fish in Medieval Serbia.