The researchers of our lab Dr Sofija Stefanović, Dr Marko Porčić, Dr Marija Radović, Ivana Živaljević, Stefan Milošević, Camille de Becdelièvre and Jelena Jovanović participated in the 20th Annual Meeting of EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) held in Istanbul, Turkey (September 10-14, 2014).

They have participated in the poster session Bioarchaeology of Fertility: a new approach in the understanding of population growth during prehistory. The session was organized by Dr Sofija Stefanović and it was centered on various methods of fertility detection in prehistory. It was centered on novel approaches to research and understanding of prehistoric fertility by integrating archaeological, anthropological, archaeozoological, clinical and palaeodemographic methods.   

Researchers of the Laboratory for Bioarchaeology presented following posters:

• Marko Porčić, Camille de Becdelievre, Melie Le Roy, Jelena Jovanović, Sofija Stefanović, Mark G.Thomas, Stephen Shennan, Adrian Timpson, Prehistoric demographic fluctations in the Danube Gorges: a review of radiocarbon, skeletal and settlement evidence;

• Marija Radović, Identifying possible pregnancies in the Danube Gorges (9500-5500): Tooth Cementum Annulation method;

• Ivana Živaljević, Fish Consumption and Fertility: the evidence from Mesolithic-Neolithic Danube Gorges;

• Jelena Jovanović, Camille de Becdelievre, Gwenaelle Goude, Melie Le Roy, Sofija Stefanović, Estelle Herrscher, Stephane Rottier, Andrej Starović, Children feeding practices in the Danube Gorges at the advent of Neolithic;

• Camille de Becdelievre, Jelena Jovanović, Melie Le Roy, Gwenaelle Goude, Sofija Stefanović, Estelle Herrscher, Stephane Rottier, Bioarchaeology of birth:New isotopic investigations of prehistoric neonates from Vlasac and Lepenski Vir;

• Tamara Blagojević, Marko Porčić, Visual Representations of Fertility and the Neolithic Figurines from Central Balkans;

• Stefan Milošević, Marrow Extraction from Herbivore Limb Extremities: A Hint to the Palaeolithic Infant Diet.