The researchers of the Laboratory for Bioarchaology presented the results of their work on three international conferences this September.


The 24th International Limes Congress was held from the 2nd until 9th September in Belgrade and Archaeological Park Viminacium in Serbia. . Dr Sonja Vuković Bogdanović and dr Sue Stallibrass organized and chaired the "Going Wild - The roles of wild animals in life and death on the frontier" Session,  during which Teodora Radišić presented her paper "Hunting on the other side of the Roman frontier: case of the Late La Téne site Židovar", and  dr Sonja Vuković-Bogdanović  talked about her research "Venison, spectacles and furs: Remains of wild beasts from Viminacium (Upper Moesia, Serbia)".

Between the 2nd and the 7th September the 13th Meeting of the International Council for Archaeozoology ICAZ was held in Ankara, Turkey. Prof. dr Vesna Dimitrijević presented the paper she wrote with her colleagues dr Goce Naumov and prof. dr Sofija Stefanović "A String of Marine Shells from the Neolithic site of Vršnik (Ovce polje, Republic of Macedonia)". Dr Ivana Živaljević presented the work "Cow milk exploitation and calf weaning in the Early Neolithic Balkans: insights from intra-tooth variations in nitrogen isotope ratios" which she has done with prof. dr Vesna Dimitrijević, prof. dr Sofija Stefanović i dr Marie Balasse.

The beginning of September was reserved for the 24the European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting (EAA) as well, held in Barcelona from 5th until the 8th September. Ana Đuričić presented her paper "Early Neolithic ovens from the site of Lepenski Vir: new shape-old material", and doc. dr Jelena Jovanović spoke about the paper "New insights into subsistence practices at the mesolithic-neolithic transition in the central balkans: data from dental calculus analysis" which she has done with colleagues Robertom Powerom i prof. dr Sofijom Stefanović.