In 2018 The Town Museum of Sombor marks 135 years since its founding and the founding of the The Historical Society of the Bách–Bodrog District. As the celebration of this anniversary the exhibition "SO ARHEO 2012" will be opened on October 25th at 6:00 PM in the Town Museum of Sombor.

The exhibition will be centered around the results of the rescue excavations undertaken from April until December of 2012 in the Sombor Municipality. The authors of the exhibition are Anđelka Putica, curator in the Town Museum of Sombor and Viktorija Uzelac, curator in the Town Museum of Sombor collaborated with prof. dr Sofija Stefanović, dr Ivana Živaljević. Jelena Marković and Dragoslav Stojanović from the Laboratory for Bioarchaeology from Belgrade.