DAAD alumni of the University of Belgrade held the Founding Assembly of the new DAAD Alumni Club (DAKUB) at the Rectorate building, on November 13th 2014.

A member of the Founding Assembly of DAKUB was Dr Marija Radović, Research Associate at the Laboratory for Bioarchaeology and alumna of DAAD Foundation. DAKUB was established with the support of DAAD Information Center in Belgrade, on April 29th 2014. The aim of the club is to bring together DAAD alumni, who have studied and/or are employed at the University of Belgrade. The plan of the club is fostering scientific cooperation between institutions in Germany and Serbia, the promotion of German language and culture, as well as continuous scientific improvement of its members.
The Assembly was attended by guests of honor: Heinz Wilhelm, the German ambassador in Serbia;  prof. Dr Ivanka Popovic, Vice-Rector for Science, University of Belgrade; Bettina Wenzel, Director of DAAD Information Center Belgrade; and Helmut Frielinghaous, head of the language department at the Goethe Insititute Belgrade.